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About San Martin Watches

Where Are San Martin Watches Made?

They are made in Dongguan, China. They manufacture a wide range of quartz and automatic watch models that include a number dress watch, chronograph, GMT, and diver watch models.

What are the prices of San Martin watches?

On average a San Martin Watch will costs anywhere between $100 – $400 USD depending on the model you purchase.

What movement is in a San Martin watch?

San Martin models will feature a variety of movements. The movement you get will depend on the model your purchase. Featured movements may include the following:

SW200 movement

PT5000 movement

YN55 movement (non-branded Orient F6922)

NH35 movement(non-branded Seiko 4R35),

Swiss Ronda 6004 movement

Swiss Ronda 715 movement

Miyota 8215 movement

Miyota 8315 movement

Buy San Martin Watches Online

If you’re looking for a surprisingly high quality, super affordable, and accurate wristwatch, then look no further than San Martin watches.

San martin watches are regarded as the homage watch brand, from Seiko to Rolex . San Martin Watches is known for creating tribute models that pay homage to iconic timepieces from various brands. Some of the tribute models offered by San Martin include:

San Martin Submariner Tribute(SN017,SN019): This model is inspired by the iconic Rolex Submariner.

It features a similar design with a rotating bezel, luminous markers, and a stainless steel case. However, San Martin offers this tribute model at a more affordable price point.

San Martin Seamaster Tribute(SN088): This model draws inspiration from the Omega Seamaster series. It incorporates elements such as a wave-patterned dial, a helium escape valve, and a robust stainless steel construction. San Martin's tribute version offers a more accessible option for those who admire the Seamaster design.

San Martin GMT-Master Tribute(SN016,SN0109): This tribute model pays homage to the Rolex GMT-Master series. It features a dual-timezone function with a rotating bezel and an additional GMT hand. The San Martin version offers a similar aesthetic appeal and functionality at a more budget-friendly price.

San Martin Explorer Tribute(SN020,SN021): Inspired by the Rolex Explorer, this tribute model showcases a clean and minimalist design. It features a black dial with contrasting white hour markers, a durable stainless steel case, and a reliable automatic movement. San Martin's tribute version is a more affordable alternative for those who appreciate the Explorer's timeless style.

Please note that San Martin Watches is continually expanding its range of tribute models, and there may be additional options available beyond the ones mentioned here.

San Martin watch becomes more and more popular, and you can see tons on the internet shared regarding its top-notch build quality, excellent quality control, and attractive price.