Common sense of making watches

Common sense of making watches

About watchmaking and production:

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The composition of the watch: case, dial, hands, strap, movement;

The composition of the case: case body, inner cover (solid ring), case back, crown, crown tube, glass, waterproof ring, etc.; All of above parts are normally accessories .The sports style with more accessories.

The composition of the dial: bottom plate, oil injection, time mark and scale line, LOGO and lettering;

The composition of the watch hands: hands and hands tube

Watchband: end piece + band body + end Link and buckle

The production of the case: drawing, make the mold or line cutting the shape, NC finishing, drilling, print scale and time mark, assemble the index.

Hands production: drawing, make the mold, stamp hands, cut and row hands, processing technology, wash hands, surface treatment technology, inject tube.

Generally, the accessories of a formal watch, cooperate produced by about 10-20 factories; For sport watches, accessories cooperate produced by about 20-30 factories; According to above situation, only a few brands can produce all accessories by their own production in the watch brand. Most of the model is outsourcing accessories. All domestic brands should be this situation.

Several questions about customize watches:

  • Customize logo, 3 kinds of logo for the dial: 1). Pad printing logo; 2).Real nail logo; 3. Up effect logo; There is no way to remove pad printing, only can be remade a new one. The second kind of real nail logo, usually fixed by the nail hole, which can remove the original logo from the back, but there will be two holes. If there is the same nail hole, it can be changed, but it needs to be customized separately. The price of a set mold is several hundred Yuan. The last UP is stuck on the surface of the dial is also unable to remove without damage. Finally in conclusion, change the logo base on the dial with logo is impossible, only remake a new dial. Remake the dial will proceed all above steps and takes half a month or even longer time, so cannot reduce the cost.
  • Replace the movement: replace the movement related to some questions: 1) Internal structure of the case, the position of crown core and the diameter of the movement.2) Thickness of the dial and the touch position. 3) The diameter of hands hole and the of height hands tube.
  • Replace the glass: should considering the diameter, thickness and shape of the glass. The glass design related to waterproof, so that the size requirement is accurate. The diameter must be fixed. The thickness design related to waterproof level and collocation. The case glass position will protrude if too thin .The glass will protrude if too thick and looks ugly. Bubble glass is not enough space for flat glass.

I start engaged in watchmaking since 2016. At the beginning, there are 3 people worked in an apartment, then 10 people worked in an office of 100 square meters, and now 30 people work in an office of 1800 square meters. I assembled the whole process by myself (there were some outsourced assemblies in the process, which failed to meet the requirements). From a simple hobby at the beginning till devote myself to my work.

So far, no brand has ability to produce all accessories independently in China. There are no more than 20 brands that have the full production capacity and produce all their own parts at any time. Most of the assembly steps are completed by themself. Some smaller or less demand are send to the assemble factory for assembly.

Other brands do not go to arbitrary evaluation, the same price of watches, We are very confident about the quality of our watches.

We didn't evaluate other brands. we have confidence in the quality of our watches.

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