Introduction To Our New Arrival SN0067

Introduction To Our New Arrival SN0067

Today, I would like to introduce the new SN0067, a relatively small "abalone" style. Before this one, I made SH068 with a similar style. At that time, I knew very little about watch making, even less about watch designing. SH068 referenced a foreign small brand "Prometheus". A Hong Kong friend of mine who was working in a tea restaurant in the Mainland owned one original version, and I borrowed it for a long time.

San Martin 40mm Fashion Diver Watch SN067

So we referenced its overall case look, and desighed the hands and dial myself. At that time I tried to make the product more high-end, and applied sharp sword shape on hands, multi-facet engraved process on hour and minute hands. 5 facets for hour hand, and 7 for minute hand. The unit price of this kind of hands is 80 RMB per set, and the total price for 500 sets of orders was 40,000 RMB. I applied for a loan to pay hands factory and buy some manual engraving equipments to process. Then I repeated making and got a final grudging acceptance result. (Later I further updated the hands and applied it on our SN0025 model, 300 sets cost 89,000 RMB, 100 RMB per set.) This is one of my little stories about watch making. When chatting with friends, I always said that I only walked through some detours but never fall over.In making watches, we have always strived to make the quality better, and we are willing to spend money to improve the quality of our products. Whether in the small circle of domestic customized watches, or compaed with well-known domestic or foreign brands, we have full confidence in the superiority of our product in quality to that of other goods supplied at similar price, which also means our cost is highest. We are fully inspecting the appearance quality.

Get to the point and continue to introduce the watch. Our SN0067 is based on the SH068, it has a decrease in size and impromotion in process details. The original SH068 has a case diameter of 44mm. Have accumulated years of experience, we find out that our customer group prefers small-sized watches. So, we change the case diameter of SN0067 into 40mm, lug to lug into 47mm, and case thickness into 12.5mm. First of all, the proportion of the "abalone" shell shape is smaller and shorter, and the overall lowering lugs better fits the wrist. Compared with other "abalone" case shape, our SN0067 will be tougher, with more surface lines, a small bevel polished process at the connection position of case and body, the crown at 4 o'clock position to ensure wearing comfort, vertical sanding on case, lug and body surface, and tedia sanding on lug. The strap tightly fit in with the case, and the surface of the endlink and lug sahre the same angle. The hands are matched with the classic sword shape, and the second hand has a hexagon pattern taht corresponds to the logo. The color matching of the dial, hands and bezel is also the biggest attraction. This watch is available in 5 colors, classic black, navy, tiffany blue, orange and sunray silver. We match matte black color hands with the dials of relatively bright color like tiffany blue, orange and sunray silver, providing them good contrasts with layers, and match the dials of relatively "darker" varient like black and navy with more brighter color hands (white hour hand and orange minute hand); Retro luminous effect on sunray silver and black dial.

Overall, it is a semi-original niche style wristwatch. We hope everyone will like it. Thanks for your always support!!

Model: SN067-G
Movement: YN55 [Automatic mechanical movement]
Case: Material - 316L Solid Stainless Steel
Glass: Sapphire Crystal Glass, AR Coating
Bezel: 316L Stainless Steel Bezel
Dial Color: Orange, Sun Grey, Sun Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Hands: Sword Hands Set,Hexagonal Second Hand
Luminous: BGW-9 Blue Light, Hands and Markers
Crown: Screw-down Crown, With 3D Hexagonal Logo
Case Back: Screw-down Case Back, Brushed Process
Strap: 316L Solid Stainless Steel Bracelet, Size 20mm *16mm
Clasp: Folding Clasp With Safety, 4 Micro-hole Clasp, With 3D Hexagonal Logo
Water Resistant: 20Bar=200 meters
Weight: 154g

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