New SN0026 Fangyuan watch wear display

New SN0026 Fangyuan watch wear display

Today We will continue to share and introduce the niche style watch SN0026 (named: Fangyuan). This watch has actually been produced since the beginning of the year (it has been half a year since the production), because the case craftsmanship is too difficult and the factory is not busy. Doing it slowly can guarantee a good job, so the construction period is particularly long, but it is also a particularly anticipated one this year.

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In my own design, I start with the case first, and try to combine good craftsmanship and design, with multi-faceted threading, polishing and sanding interspersed. This watch case is designed with a three-piece structure, with the upper bezel, the middle case, and the lower bottom cover. The three-layer structure is multi-faceted design, with 9 faces on the bezel, 23 faces on the case, and 9 faces on the bottom cover. The front of the bezel is sandblasted, the four bevels are polished, the four sides are made of sand, and the four feet are decorated with nails; the case is flat with straight sand, the ears of the case are covered with sun sand, the ears are sand and the ears are connected to the ears Surface polishing process; big body straightening sand, small smooth edge polishing process on the top and bottom; bottom cover is similar to the bezel, flat straightening sand, four bevel polishing, four side surface sand, the same four corners are fixed with screws Tighten the bottom cover.

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The case has been modeled, and I feel very satisfied. Regardless of the proportion of the design, or the polished appearance, it has reached my expectations.
Multi-process effects are selected on the surface, the whole sun pattern is made to echo the sun pattern effect of the lugs, the circle of the hour markers is made of CD pattern, the hour markers are molded into metal R-nails, and the interior is filled with luminous to ensure three-dimensional effect and sufficient luminous to ensure luminescence brightness.
The hands of the watch are sword-shaped hands, with the straight sand in the middle of the watch case, with flowers on both sides, the shape of the second hand long gun, and the middle is covered with a flat-top seconds cap.
The watchband is made of 9-bead solid steel belt, and each segment is polished separately. In the middle of the process, 7-beads are polished, 4-beads are polished, and 3-beads are brushed, which echoes the 7-layer layered grinding process on the side of the case. The beads on both sides are made of sand-drawing process, and the cnc engraved small bevel is polished and polished, and it is matched with our own designed bevel polished turtle back buckle.

This watch refers to the styles of some foreign niche brands, and at the same time, it also adds a lot of details and craftsmanship, and it has been revised many times over and over again. In particular, I am personally satisfied with the combination of craftsmanship, a semi-original style with great care, I hope everyone will like it too.
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Model: SN0026G Movement: PT5000/SW200 automatic movement
Case: 316L stainless steel
Diameter 39.5mm (without crown)
Length 47mm (upper lug to lower lug)
Thickness 12mm (including table mirror)
Ear width 20mm (including the inside of the strap)
Table mirror: sapphire table mirror
Plate surface: sun pattern + CD pattern technology, three-dimensional metal nail hour markers
Pointer: the front side is sandblasted, and the needles are batched on both sides (GS manual batching process)
Luminous: BGW-9 luminous (luminous color: blue-green)
Crown: screw-in bar
Bottom cover: Screw bottom cover
Watch strap: solid 9 bead steel strap
Clasp: solid turtle back buckle
Waterproof: 100 meters waterproof
Total weight: about 180g

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