SAN MARTIN's new explorer style SN0021

SAN MARTIN's new explorer style SN0021

Today, I 'd like to introduce the new SN021-G 36mm (a small-sized explorer), which is modified on the basis of SN020-G. the SN020-G released in June this year refers to the original Explorer 1016 style, I am satisfied with the workmanship as a whole, and the style is also highly accepted. The feedback is good.

Many watch enthusiasts suggest a smaller size (previously I personally thought the size of 39mm was very suitable for everyone's needs). What everyone needs is what we need to do, and then we arrange production without stopping, in about 3 months, it was finally completed (PS: The higher the quality requirement, the slower the production cycle, here is a small complaint). The following describes the SN021-G 36mm.

36mm San Martin SN021-G Vintage Men Watch

The overall size of the SN021-G is reduced and thinner, which is more suitable for small wrist customers to wear and satisfies everyone's pursuit for the size of 36mm.

The overall Finishing of the watch case is the same as that of the SN020-G. The arc-shaped overall polishing process of the watch case,Lug side Inclined Brushed,Bezel overall polishing, Case back three-level step Circle Satin. After listening to everyone's opinions, the logo of the Crown deleted the "S" pattern and changed it to the "hexagonal" pattern.

The bracelet still adopts the design of Female Endlinks, three-Link solid bracelet. The bracelet is brushed on the front and polished on the side, which is matched with the solid Folding buckle with safety clasp produced by our independently developed product mould.

The Hands echo the overall effect of the dial, and re-develop the new hands mold to make a new version of finer.

The luminous is different from the retro luminous SN020-G, which is changed to BGW-9 blue luminous effect. We will fill in the luminous effect of Hands for 3 times, and the dial time Mark is printed for more than 10 times, we will fully ensure that the luminous can have enough brightness.

Thank you for your company and support. Along the way, San Martin continue to explore and grow. We hope to have more direct communication with our customers. We are now trying to share some of our production videos with you. If you are interested, please follow our YT account:


We respect customers' ideas and suggestions very much. Please rest assured to put forward your valuable suggestions as long as your suggestions are positive and correct. After adoption, we will try without hesitation and look forward to growing together with you.

At the same time, we also hope that this SN021-G 36mm can make everyone like it.

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